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Radiograpghic InspectionOur premises in Romsey, Southampton is capable of handling almost any size of component. We have three interlocked X-Ray bays containing 160kV CP unit, 200kV Halfwave unit, and a 300kV CP unit. This range of X-Ray sources means that we can test anything from PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) to heavy wall steel castings. The equipment can be used on a wide range of ferrous and non- ferrous materials, including plastics, rubbers, and carbon fibres.

Our team of highly skilled laboratory based radiographic technicians are dedicated to providing an unrivalled quality and speed of service, with most work being completed within a 1 – 3 day window. We can accommodate both single bespoke items and large volume orders, working with a wide range of industry standards. Our office team will work closely with the customer to identify their exact needs, providing detailed analysis of the drawing/ specification requirements, before commencing work. In some cases we can provide help on tailoring specific requirements, drawing on over 30 years of experience.

Inidam can also undertake site radiography utilising 200kV and 250kV Halfwave units, 160kV and 200kV panoramic CP units, and a 300kV CP unit. A minimum of 7 days notice is required for a site visit, where an initial Site Survey and Risk Assessment must be carried out prior to work commencing. Due to H.S.E. requirements at least two operatives will be required on site.

Radiographic Inspection is typically used to determine the existence of subsurface defects by applying a perpendicular X-Ray beam at the item under test ( i.e. a casting or weld) and recording a two dimensional image on a film. Film types and size can vary according to the customer requirements. Images are then inspected and sentenced by trained NDT operatives and a report produced for the client. The client is welcome to witness any part of the process to assist with understanding the final results.

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